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Celframe is Pudur Corporation’s flagship company and the first company in the group generating the majority of its revenues. Celframe is not a conventional technology & innovation company. From the start, Celframe has always strived to do more and to do important and meaningful things with the resources we have. With Millions of customers ranging from Governments, Fortune 500 to SME’s and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 70 countries, Celframe offers a comprehensive and fully integrated range of applications, services, and engineered systems.

Moving forward Celframe will become a holding company that will have a collection of technology & innovation companies. The collection of tech companies include Browsify Corporation our IoT Company, Jot Suite which will be in the business of productivity, Custom-Ers will be involved in Enterprise applications stack, and Lockard the cyber defense security solutions company with more to come. Celframe is also involved in Robotics, Defense, and Telecommunications.

Celframe intends to do more things in the future which people may find unconventional for a technology company and may be considered strange. Celframe has long believed that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes. But in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, we need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.

MissionMission – Getting more ambitious things done, Empower every entity and every human being in the world to achieve more, Improving the transparency and oversight of what we’re doing.

Strategy Strategy – Taking the long-term view, investing at the scale of the opportunities and resources we see, Build World-class platforms and productivity services for a fast-growing cloud-first, mobile-first world with a hint of Robotics.

Ambitions Ambitions – Empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish, Reinvent productivity & business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, and create more personal computing apart from Robotics, cyber defense, and Telecommunications. Making Celframe even better through greater focus and hopefully… as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can.

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Browsing provides Intuitive comprehensive IoT Web technology and commerce platform to service providers, integrators, and OEMs who deliver Connected products and services to consumers

Bottom-line; we provide the brain for a smart world


Jot Suite

Jot suite is re-inventing Celframe Office, the world’s second-largest  commercial productivity suite so to become a leading  global developer of office software solutions, productivity applications for the Mobile and Cloud platforms

Bottom-line; the best productivity engine on the planet



Lockuard helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world with a focus on real-time threat protection worldwide against the next generation of cyber-attacks.

Bottom-line; provide world-class security for everyone


Custom-Ers will be the new avatar of the Customer Happiness Platform (Celframe CRM 2.0).

Our social and mobile cloud technologies—including our flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

Bottom-line; we deliver happiness to your customers

Celframe Office Logo

Celframe Office for Windows.

You’ve got the perfect place to work. Right on your PC.

Write, Spreadsheet, Presentation and other applications are the best ways to be productive on your Windows PC. Now we’ve brought that productivity to the next level with our Award winning productivity Suite. The applications make it incredibly easy to work together with people everywhere. And since it support all legacy file formats, your documents are always available in Pc, Mac or any Mobile Devices

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Celframe CRM for your on-the-go world.

You’ve got a new place to interact with your customers. Right in your browser.

Marketing, Sales, Support, and other fantastic tools are the only ways to interact with your customers on a PC, Mac, Linux, or any mobile device. Now we’ve brought that customer service to the web — on PC, Mac, and Mobile. These web apps make it incredibly easy to work together with customers anywhere. And since it’s all powered by the Cloud (on Linux, Mac, or Windows Servers), your customer information is always up to date on each of your devices.


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Celframe Business Solutions Logo

Celframe Business Solutions for any Industry.

All the Templates You Need to Start, Run & Grow Your Business in a Minute!

Business & Legal Document Templates Software for your Business, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Legal and More. Quickly & Easily Create Any Business Document. Including over 6,000+ business documents such as contracts, legal agreements, board resolutions, meeting minutes, letters, spreadsheets, plans, proposals, press releases, policies, forms, and checklists, Business Solutions is an essential tool to help you start, run & grow your business like a pro. Works on all Windows-powered PCs and can be edited in your Mac, Web office, and Mobile.

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Celframe Anti Virus Logo

Celframe Anti-Virus for your Stress-Free World.

You’ve got a new sheriff in your PC and Cloud to protect you and your Family 24×7, 365 days.

Using proactive defense technology leveraging your community, CAV fights every threat using it’s Dual-engine making it virtually impenetrable and self-learning. Every day more and more people store their emails, data, photos online, so we protect you on the cloud using our cloud protection. So even your old PC gets new lease of life. Our revolutionary Dual Engine Technology is loved by all, just to simplify they called it “Intuitive, Transparent and Practical”. Also, we work well with our competitors’ side by side, no quarrel here.

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 The booming Tech business opportunity with Celframe & its Portfolio of Companies

Reinventing business strategy to make the most of today’s new tech market.

See your options. Pick your program. Join the growing network.

Celframe partner network is an independent Consulting, Sales. Service and Training specialists. If you are committed to providing outstanding customer service and can deliver multiplatform solutions, team up with one of the fastest-growing brands in technology. We have opportunities for one-and-all be a startup entrepreneur, SME, Distributor, ISV, OEM, or ISP we have a program that perfectly fits your business needs. Just download the Partner Network Guide, read it, and send us the filled partner form to our partner experience team now.

Just 5 mins to your path of extraordinary business growth!

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Arun Pudur

Pudur, Arun

Founder, President and CEO, Chairman and Managing Director

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Dr Rajah Kumar 1

Kumar, Dr. Rajah

Hon. Chairman and Advisor to the Board

Eliena Pudur

Pudur, Eliena

Executive Deputy President, Luxury, Life Sciences and Director

Faizal Salleh

Salleh, Faizal Bin

Executive Vice President Technology

William Wilson

Wilson, William II

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Vanessa Goldstein

Goldstein, Vanessa

Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy -Planning, Investments 

Giridhar Patel

Patel, Giridhar

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Tina Grace

Yeung, Tina Grace

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Shivanesan Subramanian

Subramanian, Shivanesan

Executive Vice President Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Corporate Communications, CSR and External Relations

Brian Alexander Smith

Smith, Brian Alexander

Executive Vice President Officer in charge of Commodities Trading & Business Development

Eikoh Yoshida

Yoshida, Eikoh

Executive Vice President Officer in charge of Manufacturing, Procurement, Environmental Logistics, Engineering and Quality Group



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Matters related to Executive Officers & BOD members (Incl. Mr. Arun Pudur)


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Celframe is 100% privately held and was built in a boot-strap model by its founder Arun Pudur; but there has been a titanic shift recently where Celframe has opened up for investments for its portfolio companies and more. See below for some once in a lifetime opportunity in Celframe.


Browsify Logo Aug 2015Industry Sector – Technology

Company name – Browsify Corporation

Type – Internet of Things

Round completed – Friends & Family and rest invested by Arun Pudur

Stage – Development completed and Ready for Beta-testing of the browser next quarter

Synopsis – A platform to recolonize the way we do communication today, enter the world of the Internet of Things.

Want to join us in this venture?Contact our Investor Relations Team, see below for details.

Investor Contact

Ms. Elizabeth Hill

Vice President

(Business Development – Investors)


Mr. Dumay Javier

IR experience Executive

(Technology Business)


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 Please consider the environment before sending us letters or traveling to our office. With technology, we believe we can save our environment one paper at a time and one drop of fuel at a time. Most of our staff work remotely from home to save time and protect the environment so if you want to set up a meeting or get on a call we prefer you set an appointment with us in advance using electronic mail or filling the form below.

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